Assisted Living and Retirement Communities

Nothing should interfere with your ability to provide the highest-quality elder care you can - least of all waste worries. 

Most assisted living and retirement centers nationwide are overspending on their waste management. These waste disposal services are often less than stellar: pick-ups are often missed, customer service is non-existent, and the services themselves are overpriced. Why pay for a service you’re don’t love?

We help companies find relief from overpriced, poorly-executed waste disposal services. (And they only pay us when we find results.)

How We Can Help

Our waste management and recycling expense reduction methodologies are designed to make the process as streamlined, safe, and cost-efficient as possible.

  • Medical Waste (Red Bag)—This is notoriously one of the most cryptic and hard to understand waste disposal expenses. The costs seem to be ever-increasing, the bills are hard to understand and the list goes on - we are here to help. You have to dispose of medial waste in a safe and legal manner. We will assist you in making sure it’s done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Scalable Garbage Disposal—With potentially hundreds of residents in their care, assisted living facilities can produce tons of waste in a short amount of time. It’s important to have a company and a system that’s trustworthy, dependable, and resourceful when it comes to handling this pressing need.

  • Market Knowledge—Waste management solutions are often expensive, and it can be near-impossible for you to determine if you’re getting a fair deal. Our team knows the industry inside and out, and we can quickly identify areas where you can reduce your expenses without reducing the quality of your services. (Our clients typically save 20-40% or more on their waste expenses. Take it from Lisa who saved a whopping $32,000 a year on her waste bills starting in 2017.)

When assisted living centers like partner with us they know waste worries are not just taken care of, but prevented. After we partnered with Rhonda Commons of Presbyterian Retirement Homes, she wrote:

Not only were you able to help up lower our costs but you also identified a billing error

at one of our locations that resulted in a refund. I would highly recommend your


Like Rhonda, you can find relief from all of your waste worries. Stop overspending your precious time and resources on waste issues.

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