Property Management

Many property management companies are paying too much for lackluster services that don’t run on time and don’t provide all of the support and resources necessary to address residents needs while providing cost-effective waste removal. You shouldn’t have to choose between great service and managing your waste management budget.

At Waste Consultants, it’s our goal to provide property management groups the peace of mind they and their residents deserve. If there’s one thing residents of multi-family units, apartments, and condominiums count on, it’s fast, reliable trash pickup and waste management.


What We Can Do for You

We have more than 15 years of experience handling waste disposal processes for residential areas of all sizes, and you can count on us to give you the same customer service, reliability, and cost-saving measures that our customers in a variety of industries enjoy each day. The best part - our clients only pay us when we produce results. 

Waste management solutions for residential properties are supposed to simply “work.” That means residents shouldn’t have issues with their garbage and recycling pickup, and property managers, leasing agents, and maintenance workers shouldn’t have to spend valuable time and energy dealing with those issues, either.

With Waste Consultants, we take care of those issues so you don’t have to. When you off-load your community or residential building waste management and recycling to us, you’ll find that you:

  • Save Money—Waste management solutions are often expensive, and it can be near-impossible for property managers to determine when they’re getting a fair deal. Our team knows the industry inside and out, and we can quickly identify areas where you can reduce your expenses without reducing the quality of your services. (Our clients typically save 20-40% or more on their waste expenses. Take it from Lisa who saved a whopping $32,000 a year on her waste bills starting in 2017.)

  • Streamline Your Waste Management Process—Poor waste processes can create nightmares for staff, so identifying areas of inefficiency is one of our top priorities. We eradicate waste headaches so your staff can rest easy.

  • Improve Resident Satisfaction —Nothing harms a reputation and resident retention rate quite like a garbage pickup problem. In addition to being unsightly, waste that isn’t picked up in an efficient and frequent manner can pose health problems and even code violations.

We know how to save you time, money, and improve efficiency across the board. Best of all, our fees are based on how much savings we pass on to you.


Get a Free Evaluation Today

Ready to transform your residential community’s waste management process? Get in touch with our representatives today to find out more. Call us toll-free at (855) 411-WASTE (9278) or submit an online contact form. We can evaluate your current waste management costs and create a cost-savings plan for you, and if you’re ready to move forward, we can begin implementing it immediately.