Our Six Step Process

  1. Assign WCI Personnel

    First, we set up a Kick Off Meeting between you and your project manager. This meeting usually happens by phone, but it can also happen on-site.

    It’s a chance for you to meet your Project Manager, and discuss what the next 60-90 days will look like as they do a detailed review of your waste disposal expenses.

  2. Review waste expenses at all facilities

    Next we gather some documents. We get copies of your  waste hauler invoices and contracts so we can get an idea of how much you’re currently spending. 

    We also look at the equipment you have on-site like dumpsters, compactors, or balers, and the frequency of pick-ups. 

  3. Identify cost reduction opportunities

    We create a recommendations report called the Waste Savings Summary or WSS for short.  

    It’s broken down by each location and by every kind of equipment that location has. In it, we also compare the existing waste disposal arrangements with our recommendations for new ones.

  4. Develop recommendations

    When the Waste Savings Summary is ready, you’ll discuss it with your project manager.  

    This report will include all the information about your current waste disposal expenses, any changes being recommended, and what your future savings will be.  

    Every recommendation will be diligently explained and must yield a positive and quantifiable financial response.

  5. Implement approved recommendations

    After we review the best next steps for you, we implement any changes on your behalf. We negotiate with haulers and make vendor changes as necessary.

  6. Provide a monthly savings report

    We monitor the savings and vendor fees.

    Every month moving forward, we will monitor your savings. If hauler pricing is inaccurate, we will notify the waste vendor and correct pricing immediately.

“Your services have provided me with financial gain and peace of mind in knowing that my company is now managing these expenses as efficiently as possible.”
— Angela Fleming, Miami North (Commercial Real Estate)