Utility and Telecom Audits


80% of companies are overspending on Utilities and telecom.

Why be one of them?

A utility audit is an easy way to find cost reduction opportunities. It requires very little of your time, zero capital outlay - and is all conducted offsite. You have nothing to lose!

Our professional utilities and telecom audits are thorough. We research, review, and then provide you with representatives.

  • Research: We assembled all necessary invoices, contracts, and documents. If you have a service that provides an electric portal, we can likely access all needed information there.

  • Review: We look over every location’s utilities and telecom invoices and analyze your specific needs and usage. We also take note of any billing discrepancies - they can result in credits.

  • Recommendations: We provide actionable recommendations that will maximize your savings. After we discuss your options, we implement the changes on your behalf.

Since we operate according to a performance based model, you won’t get a bill from us until those savings show up on your invoices.

Learn more about waste and telecom audits: