Wendy's Franchisee Saves More than $6,500 A Month

“When you first approached me about managing our solid waste costs, I was skeptical. When you came back to me with $6,800 per month in savings, I was truly impressed and grateful!” - Tad Dolbier, Vice President

Tad knew he had a problem. He owned 73 Wendy’s and his waste expenses were out of control. He was spending $321,600 on waste management a year - $26,800 a month. And he didn’t know how to fix it. 

He knew the right steps to take. Tad had already tried to re-negotiate multiple contracts with his haulers. But he was driving blind. Tad just didn’t have the hauler market knowledge.  He didn’t know what other area companies were paying for their waste, so he didn’t have the leverage he needed to successfully negotiate. 

When we first met Tad, he was skeptical that we could reduce their costs. He had done everything he could think of - how could we possibly help him?

But we were able to show Tad how to reign in his savings because of our market knowledge. 

We did a thorough audit, which revealed some under-performing vendors. We found other vendor options for Tad, and made equipment recommendations that would further reduce costs. We made new vendor contracts that protected him against price gouging at every location he had. 

Tad was thrilled with the alternative service recommendations and ended up saving $85,200 every year - a 26% reduction in waste disposal expenses. 

Wendy's Annual Savings .png

Tad’s waste expenses were solidly under control. And thanks to the protection provided in his new contract, he could rest easy knowing his costs would stay relatively flat for years to come. 

Tad knew he was overspending, and relentlessly searched for waste disposal savings. After partnering with us, he found exactly what he was after: peace of mind about his waste expenses. 

Have you done everything you can think of to reign in your waste expenses? Curious how much you could save? Click here to use our free waste saving calculator.