Why Should I Care About Overpaying for Waste Expenses?

You should care about overspending because there’s you’re doing it - and by no small margin. 

 In the seventeen years we’ve been in business, we’ve helped companies save at least 20-40% on their annual waste savings. (Tad Dolbier, for example,  is saving $6500 a month on his gross waste spend)

If you’re paying for garbage and recycling disposal, there’s a 95% chance you’re paying too much. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Waste Hauler Contracts Make You Overpay

Waste haulers make you waste money.

Waste expenses aren’t like other business expenses because they - unintentionally or otherwise - are set up to exploit profit centers. 

What’s a profit center? 

A profit center is something haulers like Waste Management or Republic use to generate revenue. The ancillary fees on your waste hauler contract, for instance, are a huge profit center. These fees are often not actually tied to covering costs - they exist in your invoice because they can. 

We regularly limit or completely eradicate these fees for all of our clients.

Any recurring fee will compound over time, so we limit it as much as we can - especially since most waste contract tend to have terms anywhere from 3-5 years! Paying a $40 fuel fee every month may not seem like that much. But over 5 years, that’s $2400 you could have saved - and that’s assuming that the fuel does not increase over those 5 years, which it most certainly will.

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This means that unless you’ve been extraordinarily vigilant - and, in some cases, even if you have - you’re overpaying on your waste expenses. 

Pricing is also another massive profit center. 1-4 times a year, most haulers will increase their rates by as much as 10%. They can do this because your contract lets them; it doesn’t have language prohibiting or limiting price hikes. Most people don’t fight them because a) they can’t and b) they don’t notice them. Or, they do notice and think it’s normal!

But just because everyone tolerates price hikes doesn’t mean it’s a good thing! (Remember your mom saying, “If everyone you know jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?!”)

Profit centers make it easy for waste haulers to charge you way too much for a service that, really, is pretty straightforward. 

You Can Stop Overspending on Waste

Most companies know that their waste management is really awful. They know that something is wrong, but they can’t seem to find relief from constant waste headaches. 

But you have more options than you realize! Spending a little time familiarizing yourself with your waste management will show you where your problems are - and how you can fix them. 

Take some time to conduct a basic waste audit (or learn how we conduct an extensive one!), then take a look at how to evaluate your waste hauler contract.

You can take charge of your waste and recycling disposal expenses - and you can start today!