How to Get a New Waste Hauler Contract

There are lots of reasons to get a different waste hauler and new contract. Maybe your services provider is awful. Or maybe you’re sick of missed pick-ups. Or maybe they raised your service fees one too many times. 

Point is, you’re done, and you’re ready to move on to greener pastures. 

Getting a new hauler can seem like a daunting process, but these step-by-step instructions below will show you exactly what to do. 

To get a new hauler you’ll need to:

  1. Let your current hauler know you are terminating service (if applicable and only after determining that there are other waste hauler options in your area). 

  2. Make a list of things to ask potential haulers

  3. Get bids for new haulers

  4. Compare bids

  5. Set up a new contract

A new hauler will do a lot to eliminate your waste headaches, so it’s important to conduct a thorough search.  

Questions for Haulers

Before you do anything else, make a list of everything that bothers you about your current waste management situation. 

Do you want someone who will promptly pick up your trash? Want a contract that precludes price spikes? Whatever concerns you have, you want to make sure that they don’t become a part of your new contract going forward. 

Once you have a list, you can then ask potential haulers what their approach is to each of the issues you have. Whoever you partner with will need to be willing to listen to your needs and act accordingly. 

Get bids for new haulers


To find other area haulers, try googling “waste haulers near me.” Contact them and ask them to provide bids for servicing your locations. You’ll need to tell them:

  • The number of locations you have

  • The types of equipment at each site and their size 

  • How frequently each site and equipment should get serviced

Most waste sales representatives will get back to you with estimates in under a week. 

Alternatively, you can also ask other businesses or companies in your area for recommendations. Since waste haulers can have spotty service records, it’s a really good best practice to employ someone you know has a good service record. 

You’ll want to go over your list of service issues or questions with the haulers and see what their responses are. Some may be a bit cagey about their service reliability. Others may not care to limit their price hikes. Asking questions will root out the bad apples.

Compare bids

The more bids you have, the more you can compare services and find the one that’s right for you. You’ll obviously compare prices, but you’ll also need to compare service levels. You don’t want to go with the cheapest option if they have an awful service record!

Terminate Service 

After you have found a service provider, you will need to let your current provider know that you are terminating your contract with them on a specific date. You may have to pay a termination fee (something you can find out more about on your contract), so be prepared for that in advance. 

A typical termination fee (for prior to expiration) is the average of the most recent 6 invoices X 6. So if you pay $1000 a month, you’ll owe your hauler $6000. This may sound like a lot but for many companies, this is actually the less expensive option in the long run. 

Most contracts require that you give 90-180 days notice if the standard clause is intact. Read your contract carefully to make sure that your termination notice falls within the required time allotment.

And most haulers require notice be given via certified mail and return receipt. So a simple email just isn’t going to cut it, unfortunately. 

Set up a new contract


Your new hauler will send over a service contract for you to look over. This is when you will want to insist on certain language being put in. Go back to your list of priorities, and make sure that each of them are included in your contract. 

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