Multi-Family Property Saves Thousands in Waste Expenses

What would you do with an extra $5000 a month? Buy a yacht? Take an amazing family vacation? Finally put away some savings for your children’s college fund?

Back in 2017, we partnered with Ardmore, a multi-family apartment property management company. We were able to help them save an additional $5000 a month! Our extensive audit and review of their waste and recycling expenses ended up saving them thousands of dollars a year.

After we found these savings, Lisa Russell, the COO of Ardmore, wrote,

“We have a valuable partnership with Waste Consultants. At first, I was not sure how they could help Ardmore - now I know that we won’t do business without them!”

Why did Lisa give us such a glowing review?  I’ll show you.

Originally, Lisa was spending $425,000 a year on waste disposal. We got that down to $360,000, which is an annual gross savings of $65,000 or 15%.  

Another way to put it - they started making $5,000 more a month!

Ardmore Case Study Chart.png

Here are some of the challenges we ran into and what we did to overcome them:

  • They had multiple waste vendors in place with multiple contracts. We familiarized ourselves with each vendor and each contract to see where there were inefficiencies.

  • No uniform pricing and unfavorable terms. Their vendors were all charging them different rates and their contracts were really not in their favor.

  • Valet door-to-door service was overpriced. Prior to our partnership, Ardmore just wasn’t aware of alternative services. We found them a less expensive option that had great service.

We were able to find savings opportunities due to our comprehensive services. We performed an in-depth review that analyzed yards of waste per unit and per resident.

As a result, the waste hauler contracts were renegotiated and a new valet vendor was recommended that resulted in tremendous savings. The hauler agreements are more favorable to Ardmore and the future pricing is much more predictable.

We loved helping Lisa stop overspending for her waste expenses. Our proven methods not only help her, but many other property managers around the country. The results we found for Ardmore are very typical - we find savings over 95% of the time!  

Want to know how much you’re overspending on your waste disposal? Feel like your disposal fees are out of control?

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