Retirement Group Saves 22% Annually on Waste Disposal Expenses

Imagine being able to save your company $25,000. Actually, scratch that. Imagine being able to save your company a total of $100,000 over four years. You’d feel pretty good about that, right?

Rhonda Cummons, the controller of Presbyterian Homes, did exactly that. She really wanted to take control of her waste spend and eliminate waste headaches. 

So she did - and ended up saving 22% annually on her waste expenses.


Rhonda had three keys to success:

1. She agreed to a detailed audit

WCI audits are exhaustive - we leave no rock unturned. In the end, Presbyterian knew not only where they were overspending, but what actions they could take to quickly remedy it.

2. She implemented our recommendations

You can absolutely have too much of a good thing! Presbyterian Home’s hauler was servicing their locations too many times each week. They didn’t need the number of pick-ups they were being charged for. 

3. She eliminated ancillary fees on their contract

Like most other companies out there, Presbyterian was paying ancillary fees - and they didn’t have to. They eliminated every additional fee on their contract. And they protected Presbyterian’s contract going forward: we reviewed their invoices every month to make sure their haulers didn’t try to pull a fast one and increase prices.

Maybe you’re like Presbyterian Homes. 

Maybe you feel you should look into your waste spend, but you just don’t have the time. 

Maybe you’re tired of ineffective haulers who you can never reach in an emergency. 

Maybe you don’t know where to begin to review your real waste needs.

Drop us a line! We’d love to talk trash with you.