Property Management Company saves $116,000 - Annually!

Would you like to save your company $100,000? What about over $1,000,000 in four years? 

Scott Alderman of Landura Property Management did exactly that not too long ago.

(He’s not the only one. Tad is saving $6,500 a month, and Lisa is saving $65,000 in gross savings.)

Scott was able to accomplish this even though Landura had a lot of variables. They had 4,500 units in 9 states. They had different waste vendors and lots of contracts - and bad ones at that. The logistics were complicated, to say the least. 

And, to top it all off, they were spending $440,000 on their waste spend every year. 

Scott really wanted streamlined waste management at a fairer price point. So we helped him get there. 

We did a comprehensive analysis. We looked at each location’s invoice history, the fine print of all the contracts, and area hauler pricing. We found the holes in their contracts, and found where they were being over serviced.  

We were able to help Scott find relief from waste headaches. We reduced his waste spend to $324,000 annually - a cut of 26%, or $116,000. 

His contracts were made air-tight, and his services were standardized.

“The recommendations you implemented resulted in these expenses being reduced by 25%.

Besides the savings, I appreciate the excellent communication you and your staff have given us

and the fact that you are monitoring our bills each month.”

- Scott Alderman, Landura President

We love helping companies find freedom from waste worries. Our clients become the exception to the rule - they are part of the 5% of businesses who don’t overpay on waste expenses. 

Find out more about how we share in savings with our clients (which ensures we find the most savings possible), or read more about how companies nationwide are overspending on waste - and how you can stop